About LifeStylePharma.com 

    •    We are an internet based pharmaceutical supplier based in the EU
    •    Meds can be ordered without a prescription.
    •    Orders are shipped with a 100% guarantee of delivery and discretion is our trademark.
    •    Product Selection includes: Anti Anxiety, Anti Obesity, Generic Medicines, Branded Medicines, Nootropics, Tryptamine's, Dissociative's, Pain Killers, Sexual Enhancers and                   Sleeping Pills.
    •    We offer online support and a live chat facility for any queries relating to an order.
    •    Shipments are dispatched immediately on payment and a tracking number given to you so you are aware of the status of your order.
    •    Our products are genuine and the quality is guaranteed.
    •    LifestylePharma was established in 2016 and we offer unparalleled service and speedy delivery of orders.
    •    Shipping from within the EU.
    •    Orders are discreetly packaged and no marketing or other identifiable labelling is used.
    •    We recommend consulting with your own doctor prior to utilising our services.

Feel free to send us an e-mail via lifestylepharma@tutanota.com